Dr. Adam Davis Clinical Asst. Prof. Radiology
NYU Langone Medical Center
Founder, Amalgamated Vision

Dr. Adam Davis

Dr. Adam Davis is a practicing neuroradiologist specializing in the imaging of cerebrovascular disease including ischemic stroke, aneurysms and vascular malformations. He has over 15 years of hands on experience in medical post processing and expertise in CT imaging, particularly CT angiography, perfusion and dual energy technique.   He is currently the Director of Research and Collaboration of the Image Processing Labs in the Department of Radiology at NYULMC and has special interests in data visualization, stereoscopy, volume rendering, user interface and display including virtual, augmented and mixed reality platforms.

Dr. Davis is the founder and manager of Amalgmated Vision LLC, an eyewear display technology company, developing low profile, lightweight, ultra near to eye, laser based virtual retinal display.  The focus at AV is improving the delivery of healthcare by revolutionizing the way physicians see and understand digital images.


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