Dr. Ann Maloney Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Pediatrics
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School

Dr. Ann Maloney

Dr. Ann E. Maloney, MD is a board certified Child Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Maloney is on the Editorial Board of the Games for Health Journal: Research, Development and Clinical Applications and author of numerous articles, interviews and roundtables in that journal. She works in the lab of Jean A. Frazier, MD at the Child and Adolescent Neurodevelopment Initiative (CANDI Lab). Her prior research has focused on early onset schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders. Treatments for these conditions often include medications that promote rapid weight gain. Side effects of medications lead her to studies of exergaming (like Dance Dance Revolution, or Wii) in an effort to find healthy physical activity for children. Her studies have used off-the-shelf games in various locations and populations. She is also interested in games to boost neurocognition and social skills and recently completed a study with Linmarie Sikich, MD at UNC Chapel Hill in healthy controls and youth with cognitive problems related to psychosis. She is interested in ways to harness technology to help children and teens become healthier and smarter.


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