Dr. Carrie Straub Executive Director
Education Programs and Research

Dr. Carrie Straub

Dr. Carrie Straub, Executive Director of Education Programs and Research: Dr. Straub is responsible for leading the design and implementation of virtual reality immersive learning among Mursion’s 80+ partners in higher education. Dr. Straub provides guidance and consultation to faculty, researchers, and other educators about how to best leverage virtual reality simulation to elevate communication skills for high-stakes professions. Previously, she was the Research Director for TeachLivE, the project at UCF that originally developed and tested the core technology utilized by Mursion. In that capacity, she planned, directed, and coordinated activities for a $1.5M national research project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to discover whether training in the virtual classroom could produce measurable changes in teacher practices and outperform more traditional professional development methods.


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