Dr. Jeff Nyquist Founder and President

Dr. Jeff Nyquist

I learned the benefits of neuroplasticity early on by pushing through my own challenges of having A.D.D. as a kid. I struggled with clarity and concentration in school and often spent hours on material that others needed less than an hour to understand. But over time I found that my focus and clarity improved. Although I had to work harder than others, I eventually found myself accepted to one of the best universities in the country. Through hard work and determination, I began to improve my focus and ability to concentrate. This is neuroplasticity. I decided to pursue a career in the science of neurocognitive training and develop tools that would help others. Graduate School was extremely difficult for me. I often spent six to eight hours completing a reading assignment that took most people two hours. But what I learned in this challenge is that the brain is like a computer, and even though my CPU wasn’t the fastest, I had the choice to work longer hours and, in the end, my CPU could get as much done as anyone else’s CPU. Through this process I removed my signs and symptoms of A.D.D. and completed my Master’s degree, Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellowship. My research built on my life’s theme of searching for tools and techniques that help us take control of our brains to become whatever we want to be.

I have turned my technology into a product that puts incredible power in the hands of the customer. We currently provide brain training tools for athletic performance, concussion management, academic focus, vision recovery, and age-related cognitive decline. I started this journey all those years ago because I am fascinated by the incredible potential inside all of us. Every single one of us has immense talent waiting to be unlocked with the right tools and inspiration. It is my life’s mission is to help us all become the author of our own destiny through these powerful resources.


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