Francisco Miguel Triguerios Managing Director
Global Product Marketing
Siemens Healthineers

Francisco Miguel Triguerios

Francisco Miguel Trigueiros is the Global Marketing Managing Director at Siemens Healthcare, with responsibility for product marketing programs, go-to-market strategies and corporate brand management. Miguel is currently leading all the product marketing activities of a portfolio that comprised of more than 15 ultrasound medical devices.

Prior to joining Siemens Ultrasound, Miguel was the Global Marketing Manager at Siemens Molecular Imaging leading all the marketing activities for the Nuclear Medicine product portfolio. During his time with Siemens Molecular Imaging, Miguel was able to successfully launch four new product releases and, through creative marketing strategies, drive a 9% global market share growth in just three years.

Miguel’s greatest strengths are his creativity, strategic thinking and drive to help companies become market leaders in a challenging, fast-paced medical device market. Between living in several countries and being fluent in multiple languages, Miguel has the ability to connect with industry leaders with enthusiasm, energy and passion.


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