Josh Antonuccio Lecturer
Scripps College of Communication
Ohio University

Josh Antonuccio

Josh Antonuccio is a lecturer in the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication and is the owner of 3 Elliott Studio, a music and post-production studio in Athens, Ohio. Josh has worked as a producer and engineer with a multitude of signed and independent artists and developed sound design for both short and feature-length films. He teaches courses on mixing and production fundamentals, sound design, production for virtual reality, and the music industry. Josh helped to co-found the Immersive Media Initiative (IMI). He is a Grammy-Voting member of NARAS and has overseen the development of the audio production resources in the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) lab at Ohio University, where he has worked on ambisonic sound production and mixing for projects across numerous disciplines including film, music, health care, paleontology, journalism, and psychology.


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