Kauthar (Kat) Usop Co-Founder
Techverse Hackerspace

Kauthar (Kat) Usop

Kat Usop is the Co-founder of Techverse hackerspace, Lead Engineer at MedVerse, a medical health consulting firm in Rabat City, Morocco, and co-founder of Nomadev.co – in partnership StartUp Institute (Boston-Based) to provide a unique blend of coding bootcamp and Travelling in the Moroccan Sahara.

Kat was able to conduct international talks in Hong Kong, Morocco, Malaysia and USA throughout her active years – with a single purpose to advocate more passion for emerging technologies in Biomedicine.

Kat is a woman of multiple hats:

* A Biomedical Engineer who developed an AI Psychotherapist App and won 1st price in DITECH Innovation Fair, Manila.

* A former Biomedical Engineering lecturer in ENSET Engineering School in Rabat, Morocco where she crafted courses of Risk Analysis and Management of medical facilities, and Health Facilities Engineering.

* Chief Research Engineer of University of Missouri’s School of Nursing – pilot project of: Patient-Centered Application Development to Assist Older Adults in Adjusting to Hearing Aids, to be implemented within the State of Missouri and beyond.


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