Martin Holecko Co-Founder and CEO

Martin Holecko
Martin obsesses with how rapidly emerging exponential technologies – like VR – can change this world for the better.
A technopreneur based in Prague, Martin co-founded VRgineers, a VR hardware company poised to change the professional VR landscape with high-resolution VR headsets for designers, engineers, doctors, and architects.
VRgineers are a part of another Martin’s venture, the Etnetera Group, founded in 1997 and today a group of 10 hi-tech companies reinventing their clients’ businesses for the digital age.
Since 2017, Martin is also the founder and CEO of Future Port Prague, an international futuristic festival & conference exploring the impact of exponential technologies on life and business.
Martin’s secret weapons are imagination, creativity, and the ability to ship together with the unquenchable thirst to discover, learn and share. He is most inspired by inspiring others to dare to think big.


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