Rasmus Nutzhorn Vice-CEO

Rasmus Nutzhorn

Rasmus is the Vice-CEO of Ricolab, a serial entrepreneur and innovation expert with a focus on growing technology, businesses and humans far into the future. He has created successful companies and products and has throughout his career assisted multiple fortune 50 companies in their efforts to be more innovative and impactful.

His session will focus on Ricolab’s approach to corporate innovation and their current innovation work around VR, Wellbeing & Nature. It will provide a look into how corporates from many angles are entering the health and wellbeing space. The session will also show what can come out of short design sprints, entrepreneurial thinking and how wellbeing challenges can be tackled in new ways.

Ricolab is the independent and radical innovation team of the Swiss company Ricola.

For more see: www.ricolab.ch


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